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Wade's Geared Extruder for RepRap Printer

The Wade's Geared Extruder is one of the original extruders for a Prusa Mendel.  We are offering the printed parts for the extruder by itself.  Printed in black ABS, with the gears printed in PLA.


There are two types available, metric and SAE.  For metric the large gear is sized for a M8 hobbed bolt head.  The SAE version has the large gear sized for a 5/16" hobbed bolt head.


Note: This extruder will work with printers using a standard horizontal x-carriage (e.g. prusa i1/i2, Air 2, etc.).  If you have a prusa i3, or other printer with a vertical x-carriage then this will not work.  Instead, see this item for an extruder that will fit a vertical x-carriage.

Wade's Geared Extruder
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$12.00 USD