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Prusa i3 Printed Parts Kit

This is a complete set of Metric printed parts for a Prusa i3 Printer.  This is the latest and greatest Prusa 3D printer and builds upon years of experience and previous designs.  You can also select to include printed parts for an extruder (extruder hardware and hotend not included).


Main parts are printed using ABS plastic.  Experience has shown that ABS is too soft and doesn't last very long for gears, therefore these pieces are printed in PLA.


We have many options available for you to choose from.  Our most popular is Single-Plate Frame, Greg's Extruder with Jhead mount and LM8UU Bearings with 623 Idlers.  If you purchase a hardware kit, instead of sourcing the hardware yourself, be sure that the frame type and bearings/idlers you select match your kit.  You can also choose whether or not to include an extruder, and if so what type.

Greg's Hinged Extruder Options:
The Greg's Hinged Extruder has been redesigned specifically for the i3 and includes our full-sized extruder using 50mm hole-spacing for attaching to vertical x-carriage.

  • J-Head hotend mount uses 16mm recess 10mm deep with 3mm retainer screws
  • Groovemount hotend mount uses 16mm recess 5.5 mm deep and includes a groovemount adapter/retainer
  • Budaschnozzle hotend mount does not have a recess where the filament hole is


Compact Extruder Options
The Compact Extruder is designed to use 42BYG48HJ50 motors.  It uses 24mm hole-spacing.  The dual extruder includes our compact x-carriage with fan mount.

  • Single hotend mount uses 16mm recess 10mm deep with 3mm retainer screws
  • Dual hotend mount has two 16mm recesses 10mm deep with 3mm retainer screws


X-Carriage Options:
These x-carriages are designed to hold full-sized (based on NEMA17 motors) extruders as-well-as miniature extruders based on smaller motors.

  • Compact with Fan: Can hold one compact extruder and a fan.  Has four mounting holes.  Can support extruders with 30mm and/or 24mm hole-spacing.  The fourth hole can be used to mount a fan, or fan support.
  • Full: Can hold one full-sized extruder and a fan.  Has four mounting holes.  Spacing from hole 1 to hole 2 is 30mm, from hole 2 to hole 3 is 20mm, and from hole 3 to hole 4 is 30mm.


The following parts are included in each kit (Some sanding/reaming of parts may be required):

  • Z Axis Rod Holder (2)
  • Z Axis Motor Mount (2)
  • Y Motor Mount
  • Y Idler/Tensioner
  • Y Bearing Mount (3)
  • Y Corner (4)
  • Y Axis Bracket (Box Frame Only) (4)
  • Y Belt Holder
  • X End Motor Mount
  • X End Idler
  • X Belt Tensioner
  • X Carriage (Type depends on exturder selected, or you can choose the type if no extruder is included)
  • End Stop Holder (3)
  • X/Y Bearing Guide (2 sets) **
  • Tube Clamp (4)
  • Extruder Printed Parts (If option selected)
  • Groovemount Adapter (If Groovemount selected) 

** Bearing Guides fit tight so as not to slip or fall off and therefore may require additional sanding and possibly light heating with a hair dryer in order to insert the bearing and fit the two halves together.


Prusa 3 parts
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Extruder Parts
Frame, Rods & Bearings