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Prusa i2 Printed Parts Kit

This is a complete set of Metric or SAE printed parts for a Prusa i2 3D Printer.  Main parts are printed using ABS plastic.  Experience has shown that ABS is too soft and doesn't last very long for gears and LM8UU Bushings, therefore these are printed using PLA.



  • Extruder Parts - We offer printed parts for either a Greg's Hinged Accessible Extruder or a Wade's Geared Extruder.  See links below for more information on these types of extruders.
  • Size Specification - Our kits come with either Metric or SAE parts.  For SAE kits, the X-End Idler, X-End-Motor Mount, Printed LM8UU Bushings, and Extruder Large Gear are sized for 5/16" rods/nuts instead of M8.


We also include many extras beyond the basic Prusa Mendel!  This includes the Y-Belt Tensioner for easier adjustment, and Bearing Guides, which eliminate the need for fender washers on the 608 idler bearings.  Our x-carriage also contains a mount for a 40mm fan and a belt tensioner that makes it much easier to calibrate the x-axis.


The following parts are included in each kit (Some sanding/reaming of parts may be required):
("Original" indicates the part comes from Josef Prusa's original design, "Improved" indicates the part has improvements over the original design)

  • Original - Bar Clamp (8)
  • Orginal - LM8UU X-Ends (Idler and Motor Mount)
  • Original - Z-Axis Motor Mounts (2)
  • Improved - Frame Vertices with feet (4)
  • Improved - Frame Vertices for top (2)
  • Improved - LM8UU Printed Bushings (11 Total, 4 for Y-Axis, 3 for X-Axis, 4 for Z-Axis) *
  • Original - LM8UU Y-Axis Mounts (4) *
  • Improved - LM8UU X-Carriage (Includes one belt clamp and one adjustable belt tensioner)
  • Improved - Slotted Y Bracket (motor mount)
  • Original - Z-Axis Couplings (2 sets)
  • Original - Z-Rod Clamps (2)
  • Original - Printed T5 X,Y Pulleys (2)
  • Original - End Stop Holders (3)
  • Original - Y-Belt Clamp
  • Improved - Y-Belt Tensioner (Replaces one original belt clamp)
  • Improved - Bearing Guides (3 sets) **
  • Improved - Extruder Printed Parts ***


* Note: Even though the github specifications for the Prusa 2 call for only 3 y-axis bearings, some premade print beds require 4.  Therefore we include 4 bushing mounts and 4 printed LM8UU bushings for the y-axis).


** Bearing Guides fit tight so as not to slip or fall off and therefore may require additional sanding and possibly light heating with a hair dryer in order to insert the bearing and fit the two halves together.


*** Extruder Options:
Greg's Hinged Accessible --> http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17030
Wade's Geared --> http://reprap.org/wiki/Wade's_Geared_Extruder

Prusa 2 parts
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$39.50 USD