3D Bot Shack
3D Bot Shack


Our RAMPS case is designed specifically to house your Arduino board with the RAMPS shield on top.  A large opening directly in front of the USB connector on the Arduino board allows for plenty of room to run all wiring to the board.  Vents on the front and sides allow for ample ventillation, which can be enhanced by adding a 40mm cooling fan (see Built-In Fan Mount below) for active cooling.

This case has built-in standoffs that hold the Arduino board off the base.  This allows for drilling holes anywhere you need to fit your customized reprap printer and mounting locations.  We have many Prusa Mendels (i2 and i3) and use this case on all of them.

Built-in Fan Mount

The case has a built-in mount for a 40mm fan.  The fan is located so that air flows lengthwise across the RAMPS board.  This alignment is perfect for cooling the motor chips, which are actually designed to release heat out the bottom of the chip.  The air from the fan also blows across the MOSFETs to keep them cool.


Inside: 155mm long x 68mm wide x 65mm high

Outside: 163mm long x 74mm wide x 73mm high

RAMPS Case Enclosure
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$14.99 USD