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Prusa i3 Vertical X-Carriage

This is a vertical x-carriage for a Prusa i3, or variant.  Printed with black ABS plastic.  Choose the type that matches your needs for the extruder you are using.


  • Einstein: Can hold on extruder.  Has two mounting holes with 24mm hole-spacing.
  • Compact: Can hold one compact extruder.  Has three mounting holes to support extruders with 30mm and/or 24mm hole-spacing.
  • Compact with Fan Holder: Can hold one compact extruder and a fan.  Has four mounting holes.  Can support extruders with 30mm and/or 24mm hole-spacing.  The fourth hole can be used to mount a fan or fan support.
  • Full: Can hold one full-sized extruder and a fan, or two compact extruders.  Has four mounting holes.  Spacing from hole 1 to hole 2 is 30mm, from hole 2 to hole 3 is 20mm, and from hole 3 to hole 4 is 30mm.  Can support two extruders with 30mm hole-spacing, or one extruder with 50mm hole-spacing.
Prusa X-Carriage
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$7.00 USD