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Prusa i2 Threaded Rods

This is a complete set of threaded rods for a Prusa i2 printer.  All rods are supplied for the frame and z-screws in the following specifications and quantities per the iteration 2 wiki at http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_Mendel_(iteration_2)


  • 6 370mm M8 steel rods
  • 4 294mm M8 steel rods
  • 3 440mm M8 steel rods
  • 2 210mm M8 stainless steel rods
  • 1 20mm smooth rod for Wade's Extruder (not shown in picture)


Z-screws are cut from high-strength stainless steel.  In order to keep prices low, all threaded rods for the frame are cut from plain steel.

* Diameter tolerance for rods is +/-0.013mm
* Length tolerance for all rods is +/- 1mm


NOTE: The 20mm rod for the Wade's extruder is supplied as a smooth rod (O1 tool steel) instead of the threaded rod that's indicated in the wiki.  This smooth rod has much tighter tolerances for supporting the idler bearing than threaded rod does.  If you wish for us to include a threaded rod for this instead please send a message after creating your order.


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