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3D Bot Shack

Hobbed Bolt

These hobbed bolts have been computer machined for higher and repeatable quality.  They are compatible with most extruders requiring a M8x60mm size bolt, including Greg's, Wade's, their variants, and similar extruders.


The manufacturing process involves cutting a precision groove around the shaft of the bolt, then cutting perfectly spaced teeth around the perimeter into and past the groove.  These teeth securely grab the filament and effectively push it through the hotend.


We offer bolts with three different distances between the center of the groove and the base of the head.  Choose from 23mm, 26mm and 29mm depending on your extruder and type of gears being used.  This will get you in the ball-park for lining up the groove with the filament path.  Then use from one to five washers between the gear and the 608 bearing to position the groove perfectly.  The remaining washer goes on the other side of the bolt, between the two nuts and the 608 bearing on that side.


Package Contents:

  • M8 x 60mm Hobbed Bolt
  • Six Washers
  • Two M8 Nuts

Buy a 3-pack and save over $.50 per bolt.

Hobbed Bolt
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