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Greg's Hinged Extruder for Prusa i3

The Greg's Hinged Extruder is by far the most popular extruder for the Prusa 3d Printer.  This product is for the printed parts for the Greg's Extruder for Prusa i3.  These parts are printed in black ABS, with herringbone gears that are printed in PLA since that material is harder and lasts longer.


We have many hotend mounting types available so be sure to select the correct one for the hotend you are planning to use.


This extruder is designed to mount on a vertical x-carriage and utilizes two mounting holes space 50mm apart.  This design comes straight from Josef Prusa's github for the prusa i3 printer.


We also have a hobbed bolt available for this extruder.  Be sure to select the 23mm groove spacing when ordering the hobbed bolt.


NOTE: If you have a printer that has a horizontal x-carriage (e.g. Prusa i1/i2, Prusa Air, etc.) then this extruder will not work for you.  Instead see our items below for extruders that will work with that printer.


Greg's Hinged Extruder for RepRap Printer

Wade's Geared Extruder for RepRap Printer

Greg's Hinged Extruder
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$12.00 USD

Hotend Mount