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Prusa Air 2 Printed Parts Kit

This is a complete set of printed parts for an Prusa Air 2 3D Printer.  The Main parts are printed using black ABS plastic.  Since ABS is soft, it doesn't last very long for gears, so the gears on the extruders are printed in PLA.


This is for iteration 2, which uses LM8UU bearings.  The x-carriage, x-ends and y-bearing holders have been redesigned to hold these bearings.  The x-carriage has also been redesigned with a built-in belt tensioner that allows the belt tightness to be adjusted very easily.


The following parts are included in each kit (Some sanding/reaming of parts may be required):

  • Glider Stop (2)
  • Squad (3)
  • U-Clamp (6)
  • Belt Clamp (4)
  • Belt Clamp Nut Holder (2)
  • Endstop Holder (3)
  • X-End Idler
  • X-End Motor Mount
  • Y Motor Bracket
  • Z Coupling (2 sets)
  • X-Carriage
  • Y Bearing Holder (4)
  • Extruder Printed Parts (If selected to be included) *


* Extruder Options:
Greg's Hinged Extruder --> http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17030
Wade's Geared Extruder --> http://reprap.org/wiki/Wade's_Geared_Extruder

Prusa Air 2
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Extruder Parts