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Prusa i3 Parts

Prusa i3 Printed Parts Kit


Get printed parts for Prusa i3, the latest version of the most popular reprap printer in the world.  Select box frame or single-plate frame.  You can also choose to include printed parts for a Greg's Hinged Extruder (modified specifically for the vertical x-carriage), or printed parts for a compact extruder with mount for a single or dual hotend.




Use this blank PCB to build your own SD RAMPS circuit for printing from files stored on a micro SD card.  Can be used on any reprap printer running RAMPS, Sanguinololu or RAMBO.

Prusa i3 Rod Kit

Prusa i3 Rod Kit

Complete set of threaded and smooth rods for Prusa i3 printer.
Easy Maker 3D Printer

Easy Maker™ 3D Printer


Our Easy Maker™ 3D Printer comes fully assembled and ready to print.  This printer is also compatible with reprap printers, including the electronics.  Join the 3D printing family today and let your creativity show.  Financing available through PayPal's Bill Me Later feature.


LCD Controller

LCD Printer Controller


Control your printer without being connected to a computer with our LCD controller.  With this installed you can still print from your computer.  Works with RAMPS, Sanguinololu and RAMBO electronics, using Marlin firmware.

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